Our specialism . . .

AV Video made during the years a huge variety of productions. There are some sectors in which we’ve got even more then familiarized . . .

The food industry has been there since the beginning. Bread, milk & cheese, meat and the fruit & vegetables production and processing is for us a well-known area.

In the Medical & Care we’ve done dozens of productions. Shooting footage on the oncology or palliative care ward, projects with people who are physical or mentally disabled, depth interviews with mental health patients, elder care, special medical projects and OR registrations like orthopedic- or heart surgery. Always with respect, patience and empathy for client and/or patient.

The aviation sector, where we’re now active for several decades and well known for our safety briefing videos for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. Not only in Europe but we travel on a regular base also to far global destinations. Under most exceptional and often challenging circumstances we write locally the script, make all footage and do most of the editing also on the spot. The current Internet helps us to do this all including translations and voice-over in languages like English, Russian, French, Portuguese and Malay. That’s all always a challenge and we love it!

Autocue support for presentations or statements of management or employees is a new service. It makes it a lot easier to record your statement and share it with your public. The footage is made in your own natural environment or -in the same environment- recorded in front of a green or blue screen. We’ll add background afterwards.


Specialism, experienced in a specific area!

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